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tv   Mad Money  NBC  November 4, 2015 3:00am-4:00am CST

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see you next time. vorite part. there's always a bull market somewhere. my job is to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you money. my job isn't just to entertain but to educate and teach you. call me at 1-800-7-7-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. they were bad. just nct bad enough. they were disappointing but not so disappopoting as to panic us s i am talking about the earnings reports we've been getting everyry
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a cascade of sales but is producing the opposite this time around. and that's been the theme of this entire earnings season when it comes to o e industrials, the banks, and oil stocks, a huge part of the market. that explains a lot of the moves we've been seeing today. where is this counterintuitive pattern most evident? the big international companies. the ones that make the heavy equipment and catal goods. let's talk abo a storied industrial, emerson electric. it reported one of the most sad sack numbers i can ever recall from what is a great american powerhouse. sales down 9%. earnings share off 15%. took my breath away. that wasn't enough. the ceo, a bankable fellow, took away any hope for the future of emerson stock when he saqd, we expect difficult markets to
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continue through at least the first half of fiscal 2015. i mean, are you kidding me? that's awful. devastating. but apparently not so awful to attract sellers or buyers either. because emerson electric rallied a buck 29 today. you might think that's insane. you have to understand the big stitutional money mamagers were scared. the company actually increased its dividend, albeit by a meager half cent. the stock of emerson is now derisked f f these big portfolio managers. you know everyone who owns it has no expectation that things will get better. the bar has been lowered so that if something actually good happens to emerson, the stock will fly even higher.
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last week i was bummed about the quarter. there were many lines of disappointment for the conglomeratete the only results that didn't depress me came from aerospace. i was told eton was supporting a yield. unlike back then, though, i'm not the least bit concerned that eton might cut its cash flow or dividend. the stock rallied rather than settling off. it's been onward and upward ever since. how about caterpillar let me cat had already preannounced horrendous earnings.
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guidance, more negative. but did the stock at that point trading at $70 plummet to 53? no. caterpillar went higher. sorry quarter. almost every end market, particularly mining, oil, gas, of china, were terrible. cat's stock has experienced an it had that 4% plus yield. here's another one. dupont. oh, man. the company recorded a number that was so bad i didn't even deem it worth talking about on the show. that's what i thought. was s pecting a year ago w w i had no idea a company could go from zero to minus 60 in a couple of quarters. yet dupont's stock has traveled from 57 to 64 since it reported.
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results were repugnant and the new management said everything was on the table, erything. that's a statement that tells that's what people are doing. at the beginning of the earnings period who banks were lambasted, goldman sachs and j.p. morgan. box"" during the period goldman sachs reported. i pointed out on air that the stock, which had dropped to 175 in premarket trading, off about five bucks before the day before's close, was so low, so low, that it was now trading at book value, which was absurd. it meant that it could liquidate everything. it was astoundingly cheaeano matter what the circumstance. the stock is up 11 bucks since that quarter.
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i remember going back and forth about j.p. morgan. only one line, the trading line, could have been termed a disappointment. doesn't matter. everybody said, woe is me. collision course with the late september lows. no. incredibly, it turned out to be an amazing buying opportunity for the stock of j.p. morgan. the stock of the bank pirouetted and jumped 10%. i think this was the quarter, the earnings season when investors finally decided that even without t t fed raising rates, these banks are just too cheap. the groups are going to skyrocket. perhaps the most amazing moves, the oil. not only had this group been heavily shorted, people betting against it. the chatter was all about credit crunch, dividend cuts, $30 oil. while it's true that a handful of smaller oil companies are struggling, they're so small we
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why? because we were afraid of a looming dividend stock. marathon's stock has when the worst you could expect actually happens and a stock goes higher on that worse than you can expect news, you can only imagineow high its exerts are going to go when they do things right. sure enough, exxon and chevron have broken out to levels unconceived of. what did they do? they delivered better than expected earnings. although it's worth noting the timates have been brought down mightily ahead of the reports. a week ago we suggested the unthinkable, that you should buy schlumberger at 76. it seemed preprosperous. schlumberger is up 5.
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techniququ. that was long ago and far way. today pieer reported. didn't lose as much as people expected. nine-buck rally. how could all these rallies be occurring? sure, some of it is underwaiting switching to weighting. there's also a sense that chinese consumers are on the mend, europe may be turning, notably housing and auto figures we got today. in other words, the big worries are beginning totoissipate. the fed is not rushing to raise rates. these down and outers are seen as attractive. how long can this move last? i think it can continue into friday's employment number. if we get a strong number, the fed will most likely move in december which could cause the other groups to stall. a weak number, maybe we're back to safety first and you can expect some profits will be
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barry in california. >> caller: jim. i got a good deal in trp stock. i just wanted to know what your hit on it was, to sell it or hold on going forward. you know, generally, your hit on oil going forward is possibly becoming less necessary, or important. >> i think trans-canada has a lot of different pipes. the keystone pipe was ononthat frankly i have to tell you, that's heavy oil coming to the united states. the cost is very high. they're making very little, actually losing money on it, the producers. i can see why trans-canada backed away from it. there are higher yielding pipe companies that push through a lot of natural gas. those are the ones i'm emphasizing. don in pennsylvania. >> caller: booyah, jim.
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i'm a 19-year-old trader. i want to talk about ali baba. the stock closed today at 84. i got in at 64. when is a good time to get out? >> this is very different from investing. you've got a nice gain. you have to take half off the table and i would let the rest run. i do like baba. whether it's portfolio managers moving back into industrials and banks or the oils or the feeling we're seeing a stronger consumer in europe and china, i think the rallies we're seeing can continue into friday's jobs report. then all bets are off as we focus on the fed's potential reaction if we create a lot of jobs. on "mad money" tonight, 81 million a month look at a home on zillow. i'll talk k the ceo. with the holiday season just around the corner, could the drop in stock signal time to buy? and disney ignited concerns
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it reported in august. the company's latest round of earnings is just around the corner. i'll find out what to expect next. why don't you stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-maililo or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i dodot use super poligripipor hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free
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real estate vestment trusts have been tossed back and forth like a football, going back up and the rate hikes fail to materialize. high yield stocks ten trade like bond equivalents. take epr properties, and that's the symbmb epr. a diversified real estate investment trust that owns entertainment, education-related properties, think movie theaters, golflfomplexes, charter schools. here's a stock that's basically flat for the year. the stock barely budged. this could be a mistake.
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craig silvers, the president and ceo of epr properties. mrmrsilvers, welcome to o ad money." maybe you can help me with the conundrum. i don't think i do have to ever had anyone default on you. >> no. >> i'm thinking therefore the yield, that's how i judge how safe the yield is in the growth. it seems like people just say, okay, epr, that's a bond market equivalent, and don't think about the fact that you're really apart from the others. we have a very unique model. you saw our guidance, we upped earningsgsuidance for 2016 by y 7.5%, spending guidance by nearly 20%. that allows us to access our product, grow the company, even in a rising interest rate environment, and deliver a safe,
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we pay monthly. >> let's take one people might know. >> yes. people feel that golf is kind of not really growing or anything, >> exactly. this is actual kind of the links golf. problems that people deal with? five hours. thcost. and regrettably, the skill level. and so this is a concept where it combines technology and golf in a driving range with a microchip in it with an overlay of food and bench, high social interaraion, high content driven. it's a great time, approachable by people of all ages. it's 47% women are the attendees. so they've got a very big corporate and group event business. and it's been incredibly successful everywhere we've introduced it with them. >> since the time we talked to your company last, there was kind of an open-ended
3:17 am
property. you get the upside. i dodot see the downside. >> right. for us, we've structured that deal as a ground lease. we're not necessarily bone participate in the cost of building the casino. but we'll have a percentage rent or a participating interest in the performance of it. so without introducing new capital requirements, we are activating what was a dormant set for us. as we talkededbout on our call, we see this as a 15 to 20-cent positive as we go forward. >> charter schools, this is still a big movement in our country, republican, democrat, doesn't matter. >> absolutely. >> megaplex theaters, do i have versus nonblock buster? >> it looks likee'll set a record, over $11 billion. we're seseng new luxury seatinin and the intrododtion of expanded food and beverage. our underlying businesses have never been stronger.
3:18 am
not more companies that have this pastiche? when i explain to people, and i have a lot of people who bought the stock, they either get it or they just think that's too bizarre, because they don't know of five others that are like epr. >> i think in the real world most people focus on a single property type. you're an office, you're a multi-family, you're a retail. this gives us the countercyclical with consumer discretionary. it gives us a nice balance and delivers the kind of results that we think we've enjoyed. >> people will say to me that amazon is going down, which is not true. people will say, jim, you're wrong, senior assisted living
3:19 am
sometimes you want the mosaic because then you don't feel like you're being weighed down. people should presume with all the good news that there could increased distribututns in 2016? >> absolutely. done, our dividend has averaged years every year. we would antipate we would grow our dividend with our earnings increase. >> fantastic. great to meet you. i talked to your predecessor before. this is a great win for us. epr properties, a trsparent company, great debt. you can find everything thatat have. stick with cramer. thank you.. you need to eat this special. i love it kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains ananfiber help a body thrive. i love it folic acid and vitamin d... make a body feel this good. start your day with 150 nourishing calories...
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call me a believer in fitbit. but a believer at a price. last night's quarterly report was fantastic. coupled with my interview with the ceo. he defended the stock that was down badly despite these numbers. fitbit stock did not sell off because of anything that the company said about the business, which is extremely healthy and very fast growing. it's all about the sale of stock. 14 million shares from insiders, 7 million from the company itself. a chunk of stock dumped on the
3:23 am
the short squeeze tightness that has existed literally since it became public in june. short sellers will be embedding on this company right out of the chute. they have to be thrilled that so much stock is college into the marketplace. the shorts like it when additional supply weighs on n e stock. they loved today's action. what makes me think this company, which still has 88% market share, can continue to crush the numbers? a lot of it is because of what park said this morning. fitbit isn't a little e vice. it's a sticky wellness ecosystem. take a listen. >> the most important thing is really the software and social layer on top of the hardware which allows people to compete with friends and family to reach their health goals. >> that's not so allies knocked off.
3:24 am
that's important. it sets fitbit from go pro, which last week said that it hadn't put enough money into r&d to continue to evolve its ecosystem. i think r&d investment is very important for fiit. it can't keep up with the rapid changes that fitbit ininvates through. this thing is different every single month. plus park told me that once they get into a corporate wellness setting, like vp, that turned out to be an important early adopter, the company sticks with fitbit. that shows there's a definite first mover advantage to what fitbit is accomplishing at t corporate level. park makes it clear that the apple watch and the fitbit are like night and day. the apple watch does have some terrific applications.
3:25 am
park admitted it is selling very well. but fitbit is about wellness exclusively. and it comes at a much lower price point. i believe that apple's not going to crush fitbit no matter what the bears say. and i own the watch and the fitbit and find them very complementary, as does, by the way, almost everyone in my family. then what is the fly in the ointment here? i think a lot of home mers who own fitbit are scared to death this could be another go pro or shake shack, two stocks that got slammed as new shares hit the market, even though the numbers were strong. park was asked why people are selling shares, why the company was selling shares. park was unabashed that the company was representing what it called change of ownership. i just think many people might not get there's subtle distinction between those who need an event to ring the cash registerser and traditional
3:26 am
even if you believe that fitbit is a fad, i don't think it's come anywhere near peaking, especially when it comes to oversea. i bet it will make a compelling holiday season buy as a stock, just like its products will be standout gifts that many of us will give. i'm riding it at least for trade and perhaps for investment. i think fitbits the real deal, at least for now. chad in massachusetts, please. >> caller: hey, jim, booyah. listen, thanks for all your tips in "get rich quick carefully." i'm trying to use your tactics to buy on weakness when the market is down. i'm trying to add in all areas in the past month. earnings just came out. they had a good beat in revenue, earnings per share, subscriber growth year after year.
3:27 am
>> it's been inconsistent. we're waiting for them to put t together many quarters that are good. because it has been so checkered. it does seem like a nsistent number. you ve to know that compies have histories. the history of that company was up, down, up, down. that's what people are so fearful of. fitbit has got game. but in the short term it could followome of the fad focus% selling g go pro and shake shack. you have to let that stuff shake out. keep an eye on it. wall street can gift wrap the stock just like its products will be this holiday season. oscar season is heating up. how do you profit from all these movies you go to see? forget picking the winning pick. and your calls in totoght's
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stick with cramer! last earnings season, walt disney reported a less than when i have a that, i mean, it was an excellent quarter. they mentioned one bad thing about the cable television business, and the stock went down.
3:29 am
all the way down to $90, a 21% decline. pretty staggering given that this is such a large capitalization company. however many of the media stocks including disney bottomed along with the rest of the market in late august. since then they've been roaring higher, particulully over the last month. now, reporting again this thursday, we'll keep circling back to this group. tonight we're going off the charts with bob lang. it's been incredibly strong for media stocks. lang's view, the media plays are red-hot and their charts are beautiful. some of the stronger names are poised to go even higher. in particular he's willing to
3:30 am
disney have made higher lows and outperformed the markets for the averages since late august and september and it's going to september. he says these are basically a staple of hedge funds and mutual funds. he thinks it's one of the best performing groups in the strong month of october. let's start with disney. disney let us down, right? so righthtow it seems to be leading us back. there's a lot of good stuff here. the company reports on thursday after the close. i've said i think this will be a great quarter. the upcoming "star wars" movie. i understand some of you want to wait given what happened next time. that's not my view, because i would be willing to invest in disney for a long time, particularly if the stock comes down. i recognize that people are nervous. why am i so positive? i believe that the ceo is simply company disappoint twice in a row.
3:31 am
kind of like estee lauder the other day. but we're here to talk about the technicals, not my long term view. there is no ambiguity here. according to lang, this is a stock that is cleay headed higher. not only has disney had a strong raray since the bottom i i august, clearly identifiable right here, but the stock also made a higher low when the stock sold off again at the end of december. it didn't come in like a lot of other stocks. the last time disney reported, it got down from 121 to 110. now it's trading at 116. lang things it will rally above 121 sooner rather than later. we're talking about a remarkable renaissance, one that bob eiger certainly believed in. the convergence to convergence, that's what they useo determine the strength before
3:32 am
changes in trajectory happen. disney flashed a buy signal in late september. where the black line crosses the red. i know sometimes it looks like you can hardly see it but that really does matter. this has been a pretty reliable e predictor. lang things in a few weeks disney will give us what's known as a golden cross. that's when the 15-day average crosses above the longerererm 200-day average. this would be incredible if that happened. talk about depth cost, that's the opposite. i find these things to be somewhat obtuse. but remember, golden cross will get a lot of people excited. clearly i'm not the only one feeling good about disney. look at this thing, an ososllator. this indicated a 21-day average
3:33 am
line. it measures buying or selling stock. to give you a sense of whether big money managers are buying or selling. in this case the readings have been incredibly strong. anything north of that line is incredibly strong. all of which suggests disney has a lot more room to run. remember, i'm saying longer term, i'm not caring about this week. he's saying, listen, it's just going higher. next up, take a gander at a really controvovsial one, none other than cbs, lang's favorite name in the group, both before and after the quarterly report. he doesn't care about the fundamentals. he's just looking at the chart. not only has the stock made a higher low since august but cbs broke out on the high side last week. llish crossover begigiing of october. lang says there's been an
3:34 am
cbs. now, i've got to t tl you, remember, this does not include what happened after hours. that's important. but if you take a look money flow oscillator, it's moved into extremely positive territory, suggesting money managers were piling into this one. perhaps the best part of this chart is that cbs seems to have made an inverse head and shoulders. that's the reverse head and shoulders that we're always looking for, because it's so positive. now it just sounds like an upside down bottle of shampoo, but it's actually one of the most reliably bullish patterns in a chart. if you had to have one pattern that's most investable, it's reverse head and shoulders. lang things cbs is smooth again, he doesn't care about les moonves.
3:35 am
so here to here. okay? finally, let's t tk about a new media stock k at might seem antithetical to those old buying companies. we're talking about netflix. a lot of you were worried because of that credit card issue that reed hastings this year talked about. netflix got slammed after it reported subpar domestics last month because of that credit card glitch. the stock bottomed a couple of weeks ago. since then, it's been roaring. at this point netflix has filled in the grab that was created when it opened down big after earnings. i told you i like that stock on this. the action here is a little sideways. the emphasis is a higher low and a lower high. the money flow once again stayed strong, which suggests the big
3:36 am
it goes to 129, all-time high. wouldn't that be something? everyone wrote this one off as part of the anti-f.a.n.g. trade we kept hearing about. these charts say the media stocks are on fire right now, particularly netflix, disney, and his number one, cbs. he's making the call out even a nod to the earnings, sales, or conference calls this evening, of cbs. of course disney reports on thursday. i can't believe the technicians don't even want to hear built confnfence call. so different from me. we'll be right back. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me...
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>> it is time. it is ti for the lightning round. you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? time for the lightning round. steve in pennsylvania. >> caller: hey, jim. is best buy a buy,y,ell, or hold going into their earnings? >> i prefer gamestop. i think that's a much better situation. let's go to o uck in california. >> caller: hey, jim. i wanted to ask you two questions. one, bristol-myers. >> bristol-myers is absolutely terrific. we know that. my travel trust is trying to
3:39 am
figure out how many of these stocks you can own going into a weaker fourth quarter for industrials. but right now we just got a couple. chris in california. >> caller: booyah, jim, this is chris in california. do you think lumber liquidators can survive their upcoming legal battles? >> why mess around with that? we've got home depot, lowes corp. we don't need to roll the dice with lumber liquidators. douglas? >> caller: what's your view on nycb? >> this is not a high quality bank, it just got hammered. how about baba of america? let's go to barry in colorado. barry? >> caller: jim, the company is
3:40 am
avxl. buy, hold, or sell? >> don't know well enough to opine. we have to work on that one. victor in west v vginia. >> caller: hey, hey. southwest airlines stock, i bought it at $39 and it closed at over $46 today. should i hold it? >> southwest, delta, are both terrific. there's a real bifurcation going on in that business right now now. i like the one that you have. robin in missouri. >> caller: h hlo, mr. cramer. you're the greatest. they report next week third quarter earnings and also considering fourth quarter earnings. would you now buy jc penney? >> there are other retailers that i like more than that. i think macy's is putting in a bottom. i don't mind jc penney. i like their new management. that's that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzerer >> announcer: the lightning
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cramer, you are super. you are awesome. >> i'm a first time investor. >> thank you for inspiring me to get in the game. >> you have transformed me.
3:44 am
thank you, cramer. has zillow gotten its groove back after peaking in summer of 2014 after spending a year in the doghouse? zillow is the biggest web-based repository of home values. it stands head andndhoulders above the rest of the industry. it delivered an adjusted 7 cents of earnings per share, slightly higher than expected revenues. the company guided estimates lower than than what many expected. and that's weighing on the stock after hours, even though the company does own the space going forward. let's take a closer look with spencer rascoff, the ceo of zillow. mr. rascoff, welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks for having me. >> this quarter looked really terrific. this was the quarter you were able to put these two companies together and make more than
3:45 am
>> we did 30 million of ebitda against expectations of 20 million. we're reaping benefits of the combination of zillow and trulia. we were able to glow leads to real estate agents by 30% year over year on a lower than expected ad expense. for me the exciting part of the quart is that this integration, the transition is behind us now. we're turning the chapter. everything is integrated now and we're ready to accelerate revenue growth going into 2016. >> some people felt, perhaps some wall street analysts, that this next ququter was going to be stronger than you indicated on the conference call. i care more about 2016 than i care about the stub of 2015. >> we sold a division called market leader in the quarter. and a lot of the analyst estimates for fourth quarter included market leader. the guidances we gave for q4
3:46 am
of course the e nsensus numbers didn't know that market leader would be sold before the quarter. the q4 guidance was strong and in line with expectations excluding market leader. the real focus is all eyes on 2016. we said we can grow revenue in 2016 faster than we grew revenue in 2015. there are only a handful of company, apple, linkedin, amazon, that have reaccecerated revenue growth. with this integration behind us we'll be able to do that in 2016. >> i think some people at home may think, wait a second, maybe because the fed is going to raise rates, that the stock is selling off. and i just want you to lay fears that it really has nothing to do with any sort of particular housing cycle because e e actual mobilelese of your device soared this quarter. >> it did. we have between 50 and 70% market share of home shoppers, depending on whether you're talking about the web, the desktop, or the mobile device.
3:47 am
of what real estate agents spend on advertising. eventually advertisers follow audience. that gap will close more and more flock to zillow group because we're the easiest way to reach home shoppers on the web. >> it was clearly better than expected earnings that go right to the bottom line. is this a case where you will advertise more or is this a case where you will be introducing -- maybe making more acquisitions like you did this quarter that really does streamline the process of buying real estate? >> we did a really interesting and exciting acquisition this quarter, a company called dot loop, the leader in transaction management for real estate. all those documents you sign on the hood of you're agent's car with a ballpoint pen, all of that is moving online. we're driving adoption of dot
3:48 am
of a real estate broker. they're going to want to turn around and spend more money buying more advertising from zillow group. it's very on strategy and it solves a huge consumer need. we've all been there signing all those papers saying, what does all this stuff mean? that should be done on your phone. dot loop will make that happen. >> let's go backcko the notion of the market leader not being in. i like to use the apples to apples comparison of average monthly revenue per advertiser. that was very good this quarter. you're not guiding that much lower for the quarter we're in now. >> we're not. the average advertiser now spending $400 a month. but perhaps more importantly, the cohort of advertising agents is growing 50% year over year. that's the agent we focus on, the top performing agent who is technology centric, uses
3:49 am
busisiss. those are the ones that are going to earn the lion's share of commissions. those are the agents that spend a lot of money on the internet and we are the place to buy that audience. to the extent that more of those advertisers take share from the hobbyists, the casual real estate agents, zillow group is the beneficiary of that. >> can you tell us what some of the hottest markets in the country are right now that in? >> absolutely. parts of the country where home prices are appreciating include the bay area, dallas. by comparison, philadelphia and baltimore are not appreciating quickly. the story of housing now is much more about rent affordability. through the downturn, 10 million americans stopped being owners and became renters. there wasn't enough rental inventory. so rents are now at all-time high. the typical american renter is
3:50 am
rent. historically they've been spending 24%. that extra 6% of income on rent should scare economists, it should scare politicians. that's got to come out of savings, o o of discretionary purchases. rents are just too high. of course it's going to take years for enough multi-family inventory to be built. in l.a., for example, renters are spending 50% of their income on rent. san francisco, 47%.%. that's unsustainable. so home buying looks relatively affordable compared to renting. >> people say why are we so positive on 2016 if the stock is going down. when trulia emerged, it doesn't seem that you lost audience. >> our audience growth continues we continue to gain market we're between 50 and 70% category sre. a couple of years ago zillow had 30% category share. we keep gaining g are hanover
3:51 am
fist. after-market shock trading is risky. our long term holders and strategic investors want us to focus on revenue growth. they believe our rental revenue potential, our mortgage revenue potential, and our potential from real estate advertising should be many orders of magnitude larger than it is today. they're going to cheer that the revenue growth is accelerating. >> that sounds like the right call. spencer rascoff, thank you so much for coming on "mad money."
3:52 am
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remember the theme of the show. sometimes s ocks go so low that even when you get bad news, the stocks don't go down. and that's been the case so far this earnings period with the industrials, certainly with the banks, and now with the oils.. it seems very counterintuitive because the quarters really weren't that good. but expectations were so low that the stocks rallied. kind of the opposite for zillow. the expectationsnsot very high. deliver a good quarter, don't give super good guidance, and the stock goes down. we're all waiting to see whether cbs goes with the chart that bob lang ss. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find
3:55 am
it for you right here at "mad
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